What do you do with a BA in English?

Chapter, Fashionably Light

May 20 2016

Gold Tape


The sun is shining it’s a lovely day!

Actually, is quite dreary out, BUT the above was not a comment on my surroundings. It is the line of lyrics currently stuck in my head, because Avenue Q has got to be the catchiest musical ever. I saw it at the King’s Theatre last week and it continues to stick with me.

I don’t mean just the tunes. My brain’s been whirring over its themes: purpose, adulthood, and what do you do with a BA in English?

I love being caught up in musicals.

It’s part of why I go to the theatre. I love being introduced to new worlds of characters and stories and letting them live in a head for a while, mingling with the other characters and stories who’ve come to live there permanently.

So let’s talk about theatre some more.

To continue the conversation, click on my face and let’s talk: theatre, childhood joy, theatre, purpose, and theatre.

Oh and summer camp!

I am so excited to finally announce that Leading Lady is open for enrollment! It’s a theatre-inspired virtual summer camp for building confidence while rekindling giddy love of musicals. If you don’t want to be that grown-up who “used to” be into the performing arts, this programme is here to make sure you won’t be!

Class begins on Monday 6 June, but if you want to dive in early, try out my Broadway Bootcamp for free to preview what’s to come!

Leading Lady is open for enrollment now! So click through for all the details (and lyrical puns).

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