What I Learned This Week: Puppies in my Passion Planner

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Oct 21 2015

Gold Tape

Weekly lessons I learned, with pictures of my actual week in Passion Planning.
What I Learned This Week
The spine of my Passion Planner is struggling, so what better way to secure it than with puppy tape? I played up the theme by adding a sticker of a pup who resembles mine, striving for her bone as I shall my goals.
Each week I tweak my system, trying out new methods. My Good Things that Happened column was getting cluttered, so I stuck with one coloured heart for each day to celebrate a specific moment of awesome. Much cleaner. I also switched to tracking my time in a column rather than highlighting horizontally – I was getting a bit highlighter happy. It made highlighting completed tasks all the more satisfactory.
Here’s what I learned:

Exercise is not as much of an ordeal as it seems.

I never regret going outside to get fresh air. It is a marvelous, delicious thing. Just a short walk makes me feel a hundred times better. I’m also working on the Blogilates beginner’s calendar, and even though Cassy’s workouts are HARD, they’re always worth it- and always scarier in my head!

Reading is a great task for sleepy mornings.

Sometimes my brain isn’t ready to create new content or tackle an organizational challenge. I’m lucky to have a lot of reading to do, so that’s the perfect task to cross off when I’m still waking up in the morning, or recovering from a tough workout. It’s perfect because when I have too much energy I have trouble focusing on my book!

Never feel like the day is wasted.

Live in the present. Late starts or emergency naps don’t mean I’m quitting on the day, just recharging. The important thing is to keep going, even when it feels like momentum is lost.
What did you learn this week?
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