Passion Planning: What I Learned This Week


Oct 09 2015

Gold Tape


You know I’m obsessed with my Passion Planner right? Well, perhaps the best lesson it taught me is to set aside time to reflect on my week. This reflection session – usually over cake at my local haunt, Lovecrumbs – has been the crux of my personal improvement. So why not share what I learn here?

Welcome to my new series, based entirely on my own trial and error throughout the week. I hope it helps you too.

Rate your day out of 10.

I read this tip somewhere – rate your day out of 10. If it wasn’t a 10, what would have bumped it up? Write down that thing. So every day, I write down tips for making my next day a little better.

Nachos for lunch is not usually a good idea.

Man I love nachos. Sadly, they don’t have that much nutritional value, and being somewhat lactose intolerant, the cheese never does good things for my stomach. Indulge in an occasional nacho snack is okay, but a lunch nachos do not make.

Normal crisps aren’t good for my skin.

When I have greasy crisps (potato chips, y’all), my skin breaks out. Best to stick to baked or veggie crisps when I’m really craving that kind of snack.


In case of emergency, use Muji tick list stickies to power through tasks.

I usually schedule everything down to the half hour in my Passion Planner, but sometimes it’s easier to just get in the zone and tackle tasks one at a time without worrying about time estimates. For this method I use cute little tick list stickies and power through them one at a time.


Cake is a great incentive for reading, as long as I eat REALLY slowly.

I got through Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (in Middle English, mind you) by allowing myself a single sip of my mug of mocha after each (massive) page. The same method works for reading my Jane Austen. On Friday I put in some focused reading time for writingLetters from Jane Austen, taking a small break every two pages for a yummy bite of beetroot and poppy seed cake at Lovecrumbs. Exercising restraint in not gobbling down the cake all at once (which was tempting, trust me) built up my discipline muscle.
What have you learned this week? Let’s trade tips :)
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