The Biggest Lesson I Learned This Year


Jan 08 2016

Gold Tape

The Biggest Lesson I Learned This Year

This year I started to reflect. First monthly, then weekly, and eventually daily. This is all due to the Passion Planner. [Thanks Passion Planner!]

I closed the year with – you guessed it – one big free write of a reflection session. Here’s what I learned.

The three biggest lessons I learned this year:

  1. Reflecting, reviewing, and planning really really work. Keep prioritising.
  2. It’s okay to not have a big dream. Live with intention rather than for end goals.
  3. Friendship really matters. I am happiest when I spend quality time with people I care about. Travel, write, ping, love.

Advice I would give myself at the beginning of the year:

It will get better. Keep busy and get a Passion Planner. Live colourfully and believe that magic will find you. “Just stick it out” has never applied more. Rate your day; live life like a video game. Create more. Immerse yourself in minimalism: simplicity is your core. Do what YOU want, and elegantly avoid what feels icky. Say yes to adventure: this kingdom will soon be yours, don’t you worry. Sing every day. Stay close to the ones you love, not just in thoughts. There is a book for every occasion. Help will always be given to those who ask. How about Madame Adorable?

What about you? What did you learn this year?


P.S. Love Yourself as a Work in Progress

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