What I Look Forward to Each Week

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jan 21 2014

Gold Tape

On Wednesday, we record FabulosiTEA.What I Look Forward to Each Week

I spend the week updating show notes, brainstorming post ideas, and identifying my “fabulosity”. Then I sit in my acoustical closet and giggle my way through each new episode.

On Friday, the new Carrie Diaries comes out.What I Look Forward to Each Week

I treated myself to a season subscription on iTunes so I can watch reruns on bus rides and live vicariously through her budding writing career and city adventures!

On Sunday, I do laundry.What I Look Forward to Each Week

Fresh sheets and towels, oh my! Like Sheldon Cooper, I have a Laundry Day. Dirty laundry doesn’t bother me when I know when it will be clean. 

Of course, these are not my only joys.

They’re just the ones that happen regularly. 

What do you look forward to each week?

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