What’s in My (Brand New) Minimalist Wallet

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Feb 12 2013

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What's in my Brand New Minimalist Wallet

How adorable is this little guy? I had forty-five minutes to run around Carnaby before the early Sunday closing times, and was lucky enough to find The Perfect New Purse at David and Goliath (where, by the way, I am constantly amused. Dinosaur appreciation!). Finally, a replacement for my poor dying Paper Plane envelope purse:

What's in my Brand New Minimalist Wallet

I have this theory that if you have more space, you’ll have more stuff. If you have a mansion, you’ll have more stuff than if you live out of your bike. Same goes for wallets. I had a larger one, but left it on a train (ahhh!), and started to use the envelope purse above as a temporary replacement. I got used to it and realised it was all I needed.

Here’s what I keep inside:

What's in my Brand New Minimalist Wallet

★ Sample perfume. So it will smell lovely.

★ My playing card ticket to Sleep No More. To carry magic, mystery, art, and inspiration at all times.

★ Credit and debit cards. The whole transatlantic thing means two bank accounts. I used to have a separate space in my room to store cards I didn’t use all the time, but I find it less stressful to keep them all in one place.

★ Loyalty cards I actually use. I use my Alpha Bar/Vaults & Gardens stamp card at least once a week, and am a regular at G&D’s. I stopped using all others because they only encouraged me to spend more.

★ Atomic Burger Space Cadet card. My pride and glory.

★ Odeon Première Club card. Like the bank cards, I find it easier to carry at all times so I don’t have to remember to bring it when I go to the cinema. And it’s a great deal, UK cinema-goers!

★ Business cards. Because you never know who you might meet! ;)

★ Starbucks card. I don’t go often, but the card gets me free soy substitution. An exception to my no-loyalty-card rule!

★ Oyster card. So much better than queueing for day passes, and it automatically gives you the best deal. Seriously, if you’re going to London, get one.

★ Money. Since the UK uses coins a lot, a zip-up purse is a priority!

So, in summary, my minimalist wallet philosophy:

★ No loyalty cards. Make exceptions for places you’re truly loyal to. But cut out the others – they tend to cost me more money, under the disguise of saving it. You choose the coffeeshops, don’t let the coffeeshops choose you!

★ Keep all your cards in one place. It’s less stressful to carry around a few more cards rather than forget them when you need them.

★ No receipts and things. I stuff receipts and business cards in a handbag instead of my wallet –  much easier to declutter.

★ Carry things that make you happy. Certainly not “essential” – but it’s such a boost to get a whiff of Chanel or glimpse a reminder of an amazing experience!

 What do you carry? I find people’s lists fascinating and would love to see yours!

xandra ★

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