What’s On My Breakfast Table

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Mar 10 2015

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What’s On My Breakfast Table

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day – so why not make its presentation an art too? I like to lay out the breakfast table the night before (a trick from Madame Chic), which also means deciding what’s on the menu. Monkey and I tend to opt for cereal or toast, with the occasional cooked breakfast for spontaneously special occasions.

What’s On My Breakfast Table

First things first, we put the kettle on. When I’m especially organised I fill it up the night before so this is as simple as pressing a button. Our tea mugs sit by our plates, brewing until it’s time to put the tea bags and strainers on our little mountain plate from Glencoe with the assistance of our mini spoon Monkey whittled.

What’s On My Breakfast Table

While the tea cools, I start my morning with a cup of water, poured from a make-shift carafe made from a cafetiere that came with our flat, though we aren’t really coffee drinkers. We tend to have quiet mornings, so I keep my colouring book and British Vogue on hand, for doodling and perusing.

What’s On My Breakfast Table

After breakfast, we clear the table and retire to the Cosy Room with our cups of tea to continue our ease into the day.


Do you make breakfast an occasion? If not, how could you make it more special? Share your favourite morning rituals in the comments!


P.S. Next step to waking up is feeling and looking better.

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