What’s in My Pencil Case?


Mar 06 2018

Gold Tape

What's in My Pencil Case?

Meet my new pencil case

A little bit of glitter has been brightening up my bag in the form of my new old kate spade pencil case. I received this as a birthday present over a year ago and was ‘saving’ it for something special.

At the same time, my pencil case was fraying. It had a big blue ink blot from an exploded highlighter (see if you can spot it in my Instagram feed! You’ll notice I strategically angle it to the side, but the ugly blot is just visible in some photos if you’re looking). 

I was shopping around for a pencil case for a  while, never finding one that quite suited my needs, knowing that as soon as I ‘settled’, the perfect one would crop up.

The answer was right in front of me. While it feels decadent to use such a nice purse to hold my pens, it is durable, and makes me smile every time I unzip it to start my day.

What's in My Pencil Case?

What’s inside

My pens

  • 3 MUJI highlighters
  • 2 .4 MUJI erasable pens
  • 1 ballpoint, usually stolen from a hotel. Good for journaling. Makes my handwriting all loopy and fancy.


My writing companion, a purple pygmypuff present from Sister (technically he’s just outside)

Two pockets full of cards

I use these to hold my multitudes of cute loyalty cards, divided by food and shops.

I reduced my card-carrying to exclude:

  • places I’m not likely to go to often enough
  • places I don’t need encouragement to go to (“well since i’ve got the loyalty card”)
  • Membership cards I could hold in my Apple wallet

Now that my collection is slimmer, the cards slide in more easily, and don’t get buried. I found so many full loyalty cards and gift cards I’d forgotten about! Free. Stuff.

More on my pencil case and its contents:

(Plus an announcement!)



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P.P.S. What’s in YOUR pencil case?

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