What’s Your Favorite Part?

Xandra Robinson-Burns and her sister Junie Burns talk character development and the wisdom in what we watch for fun. After every trip to the movies, since approximately age 10, Junie has asked ‘What’s your favorite part?’. Intense, enthusiastic discussion ensues. They cover female-centric and feel-good films and tv, with a gentle focus on representation. Some all-time favorites include: ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ (HSMTMTS) on Disney+, ‘Emily in Paris’ and ‘To All the Boys’ (TATBILB) on Netflix, and more. A Heroine Training Podcast.

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Xandra Robinson-Burns

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Writer & Protagonist of Heroine Training

Xandra (also known as ‘Sister’ to Junie) writes about daily life, being the heroine of our own stories, and finding wisdom in what we do for fun.

She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and also hosts The Art Life and Read by Xandra, and leads Everyday Wonderland.

Keep in touch through her newsletter.

Junie Burns

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Xandra's Sister

Junie (also known as ‘Sister’ to Xandra) spends most of her time watching new things and asking her friends and family “What’s your favorite part?”.

But when she’s not doing that, she works for a software start-up in Chicago, trains for American Ninja Warrior, and tends to the every need of her puppy, Bean.

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