When my life aligns with Harry Potter

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Nov 18 2015

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When my life aligns with Harry Potter

I used to listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks while cleaning my room. I would feel a tingle of magic when my actions were in sync with the story – like if I was pushing in a chair when Jim Dale read “chair”. It was that simple.

Now that I live in the UK – and pretty close to the actual Hogwarts – these occurrences are stronger more frequent. Like how I tend to end up on Tottenham Court Road whenever in London – you know, the road where the Leaky Cauldron leads into Diagon Alley.

This past visit, I was excited to find that my train back to Edinburgh not only left from the King’s Cross Station, but at 11 o’clock as well. Perhaps you remember the classic Chamber of Secrets line, that “the train leaves at 11 o’clock – we’ve missed it!” (thankfully I had not missed it, for I had no backup Ford Anglia).When my life aligns with Harry Potter

Furthermore, during this trip I was planning my very first in-person Blogwarts meet-up. Heather and I exchanged messages and realised that the best time and place to meet was just before I caught my train home. So we met outside Platform 9 3/4.

When in King’s Cross I can’t help but browse the Harry Potter shop. After all I am all for infusing my adult life with Harry Potter things. I picked up some themed snacks (hooray for Fairtrade 9 3/4 chocolate!) and made certain to find my platform long before its departure at eleven o’clock.


P.S. how did you spend your free time as a child?

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