Why I Blog

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Nov 26 2015

Gold Tape

Why I Blog

I started blogging for purely self-indulgent reasons.

In my final year of university, I needed a personal project to keep me sane while preparing for my all-important final exams. Maybe it was a procrastinatory tool – my decision to attempt NaNoWriMo that year certainly was. But I think it kept me on track, as I promised to myself that I would publish every day.

The rules were simple: one photo, 150 words maximum. I also decided not to tell anyone about it for a month. This is a tip I got from Molly Ford Beck that I recommend for a few reasons:

  1. I was able to focus on writing. Not what people thought of my writing. Not how many people clicked on it.
  2. If I got bored of the project within a month, I wouldn’t be embarrassed by starting and stopping.
  3. When I would finally shared my site with people, they would have loads of archives to scroll through!

Blogging began as my escape from stress, my reminder of the little things I loved in the world, and – perhaps most importantly at the time – a reminder that I loved writing.

Every post I write is inspired by my personal heroine’s journey.

I write for my past, present, and future self, with the hopes that if my past self needed to read something, someone else’s present self will too. I write my Mini Adventures posts for my future self, reminding me of what I learned and discovered during bits of wandering. I hope that they remind you to explore your own surroundings as well.


P.S. my first ever post on this blog [!]

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