Why I Force Myself to Visit Art Galleries

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Apr 07 2014

Gold Tape

Why I Force Myself to Visit Art Galleries

I’m rarely in the mood to visit art galleries.

But every time I make myself go, I end up feeling refreshed, inspired, refined, and very glad that I went.

Mama and I have a tradition of visiting the MFA when I’m home. We tour a new exhibit and one other room. That’s enough to take in without feeling too overwhelmed. 

I love the calm of gazing at paintings. In London I learn about modern art movements from Sara, and construct stories about the characters with Ania.

Just wander into a room and see what draws you in. Art speaks to what is on my mind and reminds me of parts of myself I have forgotten. It inspires my future, bringing clarity to such desires as designing my own studio.

Each visit I pick one favorite painting.

I used to be camera-happy, taking pictures of everything that inspired me. But when everybody is special, no one is. Picking just one favorite means that I focus more on the experience in front of me. A picture of a painting does not do it justice – obvious, but worth remembering.

I display my favorite paintings in my digital salon. This visit, I chose Degas’s Ballet Dancer With Arms Crossed. I love the colors, and its unfinished rawness. 

Art is best appreciated over lunch.

Why I Force Myself to Visit Art Galleries

Art galleries tend to have delicious counterparts, and finally, I sampled MFA’s in-house restaurant Bravo. The atmosphere balances plush and simple, with beautifully crafted dessert.

Also, I love browsing museum shops – they tend to have beautiful books and an eclectic assortment of interesting things.

And of course, I dress the part.

an eclectic assortment of interesting things, and

 Sometimes I even match the art.

What are your gallery traditions?

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