my number one secret for dressing warm in winter


Dec 07 2012

Gold Tape

^ lisa b. madewell socks on ze backyard berry tree

gone are the winters spent shivering despite piling on pretty much the entirety of my minimalist wardrobe, dobby-style. i have mastered the cold, thanks to… the power of wool (them sheep got it right). super-thick wool is so warm. i have a huge wool sweater, a college scarf and wool coat, and i sleep with a lambswool blanket over my duvet (and in extreme cases wrap said blanket around me at my desk – never fails!). cashmere, the softest, warmest type of wool in my opinion, is great for tights and socks – cozy and warm, all winter long. warningdon’t just trust the 100% wool label. feel it. try it on. wool comes in a wide range of warmth and quality. good wool will be expensive, but worth it. no more layering cotton jumpers – one nice one will do the trick! 

what are your winter wardrobe staples?

xandra ★

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