Words Not in English: Korean for Shopping Bag


Apr 09 2015

Gold Tape

Words Not in English: Korean for Shopping Bag

We’ve passed the days of “paper or plastic”, where places like Scotland and California charge a bit extra for a carrier bag at the store. It’s always handy to have that extra bag on you, but what is it called? A “shopper”? A “portable shopping bag”? Well, Korea has a word for it: 망태 – mang tae.

The organised among us carry extra bags, or reuse the plastic ones we’re given at the store, but the heroines treat such an object as mindfully as any other. Select your mang tae carefully so that you are happy to carry it with you, and even happier to take it out for use.

My mang tae include my Blogcademy tote, a Whole Foods bag commemorating my first food shopping trip in London, and, the newest in the collection, a Mr B’s tote to celebrate one of my favourite bookstores.


Select your own mang tae with care. What makes it special to you?


P.S. the cutest French word ever….

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