Workstylist 1:1

Be the heroine of your own work day.

What if you could have a joyful experience of work?

What if you showed up for your work day as your dream self?

What if who you are and what you do were in alignment – no matter the task?

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Our journey begins with a complimentary call.

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I’ll help you…

  • Set up your stylised work day
  • Design a work routine that feels like self-expression
  • Align passion with productivity
  • Invite a sense of play to your work

So you can feel…

  • Smart
  • Stylish
  • Effective
  • Ready!

What’s Included:

  • A private 90-minute session to detail what’s working and what needs extra love and attention!
  • Your bespoke Workstylist™️ plan summing up the key points
  • 30 days of 24-hour text support for your questions via text & voice memo

Your Investment: $500

Meet Your Workstylist,
Xandra Robinson-Burns

From reorganising my desk drawers for fun as a kid, to penning my Oxford essays in an ice cream cafe, making work lovely is my obsession. The highlight of my week is my Saturday morning Planning Date with my Passion Planner (and my current selection of favourite pens and highlighters!).

But I also believe that everyone has a unique way of enjoying work. Just like how we dress, we each bring a certain flair to our work. My Workstylist sessions are 1:1, so I can help you discover your best way of getting work done, and tailor your routines to your needs.


Q: Who is this service for? 

A: Anyone with a work day! Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or full-time employee, as long as you want to make your work more lovely, this is for you.

Q: Sign me up! How do I get started?

A: Great! Your first step is to email me to set up a complimentary call. I’ll help you find a simple solution for bringing more joy to your work day, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Ready to get started?

Our journey begins with a complimentary call.

➡️ Email:


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