I Wrote a Book!

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Mar 11 2014

Gold Tape

I Wrote a Book!

Oh my goodness. I can finally say that the book I claimed to be writing has actually been written.

The title: Fashionably Light: Becoming My Own Heroine.

This part-memoir, part-workbook tells the story of my becoming minimalist, and is filled with prompts so that you can follow along.

The video explains it all:

As for the price, it’s up to you. You can have the book for free. You can also treat me to ice cream or to the theatre. All you have to do is set the slider to wherever you feel is best. 

One week after publication, I will finalize the price at the average of what my first readers set. The choice is yours.

I will be revealing tidbits over the next couple of weeks, so please post any questions you have in the comments! On Sunday 23 March, my FabulosiTEA co-host Caroline will be interviewing me on Google Hangouts – RSVP here.

Fashionably Light: Becoming My Own Heroine

Thank you for joining me in this new adventure!

miss xandra bee
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