On Fitting in and Standing Out: Yellow Dress Edition

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Aug 20 2013

Gold Tape

On Fitting in and Standing Out: Yellow Dress EditionI found it. The place where I belong. Seattle. A particular room of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) anyway. By coincidence, I matched the art. Although I should say “by coincidence the art matched me” because let’s be honest I wear my Jones and Jones dress kind of a lot.

On Fitting in and Standing Out: Yellow Dress Edition

If I had more clothes, I think I would “save” this one for “a special occasion”, but living with less forces me to be bold and brave, and wear it all the time [thus, I am that much happier all the time.].

I’m so used to wearing tutu dresses, Crown and Glory flowers, bright tights, and my Shoe Embassy shoes [Malvolio shoes, I call them] – so sometimes I forget that “I don’t dress normal”. [“Normally,” says Xandra to Hypothetical Person]. I’m hit with an occasional wave of Oh Yeah I’m Weird, which can be empowering or embarrassing, depending on my current confidence level. But let me tell you. Moments like these, in which I dress like myself and find a perfect atmospheric match, are exhilarating. I glow with a sense of belonging, of purely fitting in – not by squeezing into somebody else’s costume, but by proudly wearing my own.

Yellow, I'm Xandra. miss xandra bee

P.S. More inspiration for being your weird self, from an unlikely source.

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