You Simply Must: Read the London Style Guide

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Dec 02 2013

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You Simply Must: Read the London Style Guide

In honour of my impending departure from London [and from putting u‘s in honour.], I Simply Must plug my favourite guide to one of my favourite cities. [might as well throw around as many u words as I can.].

Hello, neighbour!

Saska Graville’s London Style Guide is divided into chapters by neighbourhood, and lists the most chic places to eat, sleep, and shop. It is equipped with stylised maps [and we know how much that kind of thing excites me]. Sometimes I use it for inspiration on where to wander, and stumble upon the recommended specifics by happenstance.

Between the neighbourhood guides are interviews with cool local Londoners who share their thoughts on the city and spill their hidden jaunts and sacred weekend-in-the-city routines. The interview with Brix Smith-Smart’s Sunday-ly trips to Daunt with her husband was such an idyllic concept for me that it inspired my current reading routine.

Not your average travel guide.

I refuse to buy some mainstream guide with poorly selected fonts that is guaranteed to take me to a city’s most touristy spots. First of all, if I’m going to invest precious suitcase space to a book, it has to be pretty (Like the Wallpaper city guides.). This is both gorgeous and super informative. Perfect for perusing on the Tube and planning one’s next adventure.

If you don’t live in London…

Well, you can always browse, can’t you? The pictures alone are worth it. And now they sell it at Anthro, the ultimate aesthetic/lifestyle stamp of literary approval.

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