You Simply Must: Watch Love Actually

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Dec 09 2013

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It’s 16 days til Christmas.

If you’re not in the mood yet, watch this film. Yes, it’s one of those that everyone says you should watch but listen to the hype. And to the fabulous cast pictured above.

This is the film that converted me from Scrooge syndrome.

Add some awkward English humor to the country’s already fine appreciation for all things Christmas, throw in some of my favorite actors ever [which, as a child, was determined by who was in Harry Potter, but I think they’re still good choices], and we have a winner. The first time I watched this film was July a couple of years ago, and for the first time, I found myself aching for the holiday season in the middle of summer.

There’s something for everyone.

Love Actually follows several, very different, characters’ stories around Christmastime that all weave together. It kicked off the ensemble cast comedy trend that you may remember from New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. But this one is actually good. [Actually].

The first time I saw this one was alone on my couch, but I suggest gathering a group of friends and some Christmasy food for a festive viewing. Happy holidays!

miss xandra bee
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