Your Dreamy New Year


Dec 21 2021

Gold Tape

Dear Reader,

Happy Capricorn season! 😃 The end of one year and the beginning of the next one is my favourite holiday season: ah, New Year’s, when everyone celebrates personal development! 🎉

I’m often asked what I do to set up for the new year. I have some favourite rituals, and I’m excited to share them with you. This means:

💖 creating a soundtrack for the year ahead,
💖 designing a new vision board,
💖 assigning myself literary life coaches!

If you want to partake in my annual ritual too, Your Dreamy New Year ($22) is for you! This step-by-step workbook will guide you in opening your imagination to bigger, more creative dreaming.

🎄SEASONAL SPECIAL🎄: Purchase by December 25 for a free, personalised Taylor Swift mini reading included!

Until the Next Chapter,


Your Dreamy New Year



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