You’re Invited to Tea


Mar 28 2017

Gold Tape

You're Invited to Tea

I want to meet you!

During my travels across the US this month, I realised something important: that there is little better than meeting friends, new and old, in person, for a cup of tea.

I had a thought: why not host a gathering in a new city each month?

I threw together a test-run, with some fantastic guests in attendance. Not only did I have a wonderful time, but when we drew tarot cards with our resident witch Paige, mine was the Queen of Cups — of tea cups to be precise! And so the party must go on!

You're Invited to Tea

^ Beta test Tea Party. Note the lovely guests, excess of teapots, and bookmarked copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Introducing the Heroine Training Tea Party Tour

Here’s what’s happening:

I’m hosting monthly tea parties at my favourite cafés around the world to create a space for cosy conversation.

Tea party + making friends + self care + empowerment. Each stop is inspired by a literary text and involves salon-style discussion.

Our first stop is in Edinburgh!

The first tea party will be at my beloved local favourite, Lovecrumbs, on 13 April. Tickets are available here! Will I see you there? I hope so!

Where will we go next? That’s up to you!

You can browse our upcoming events calendar, and submit a request for your city on the official poll in my Facebook group!

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